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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which Is More Feasible For Web Development?

Posted by Noman Cart on December 8 2016, 17:25pm

Categories: #.NET MVC Development, #.NET Web Development, #.NET Developer, #PHP Programming, #PHP Web Development

Several coding languages are used for web development, but the two most effective and majorly used web programming languages are .Net framework and PHP. With both of the domains having unique features to offer, is quite difficult to compare the effectiveness for both.


Both of the languages are important in terms of swapping data and contacting with a different database. .NET development is an extension of .NET which was introduced by Microsoft and stands for working on the internet application. On the contrary, PHP, which stands for Hypertext Pre Processor is used to code in various operating systems such as LINUX. Some distinct features of PHP and ASP.NET are given below.

  • Cost Of Designing and Development 

PHP is an open source platform. This means it is free to download from the internet. PHP framework has the largest range of free modules available for download. The codes which are written and modified by millions of programmers using PHP are available for everyone.

This is a major difference between PHP programming and ASP.NET. For .NET, a developer will need a series of Microsoft products such as windows operation system, visual studio or Dreamweaver.

  • Performance Needs

PHP language is interpreted. This means the code runs directly as you write. On the other hand, ASP.Net is an optimized framework which compiles the language before it uploads to productivity. Here, it is important to note that a compiled application loads faster than the interpreted one. This is simply because the interpreted application first has to be reduced to machine instructions during run-time.

  • Environment Of Application Development

PHP can be run on various kinds of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, or Apache. ASP.NET, by default, is only accessible on a window server.

  • Multi-language Support

PHP has been written in C++. Most of the programmers rely on this basic coding language and consider it to be one of the best programming language ever. Being an extension of .NET framework, ASP.NET is capable of supporting various language like jSharp visual basic.net, C#, C++, etc.

  • Database Connectivity

By default, PHP language uses MySQL as database back-end. The database, just like PHP, is also an open source and free to download. In case of ASP.NET, the default database back-end is MsSQL, This database is not free like MySQL. Yet, both of the databases can be modified to run on each other as a default database

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