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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Few steps that will help in custom software development

Posted by Noman Cart on January 31 2017, 17:24pm

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Few steps that will help in custom software development


Every business setup nowadays needs a custom software to carry out their operation smoothly. If all the business functions are carried out in a proper manner they can result in better performance and higher gains. But what are the major reasons that motivate companies to deploy custom software instead of the ready-made ones? Affordability, easy modification, and quality features are the primary reasons which have pushed firms to adopt software especially for carrying out routine tasks. 

Day by day the demand for Custom Software Development is rising and to fulfil this requirement several developers have started coming up with innovative techs so that they can serve their clients in a better manner. In case you have a restricted budget for this process, you can take help of the offshore developers which offer same quality services but at affordable prices. These custom software's can be used for accomplishing tasks such as developing documents, accounting, workforce management etc.
Here are some steps that will help you get through the software development and will also ensure that this process remains less cumbersome and frustrating until completion:

1) Conduct Feasibility Check: Before starting the project, it will be good if you first assess the viability of the custom software development project. You need to check why the software needs to be developed and how it will be simplifying your business operations in future. It will be good if you also figure out the ROI which will help you cover all the costs. 

2) Study and Finalise Need: This step is somewhat similar to the first one but offers a slightly different approach to assessing and finalizing requirements for the custom development. In this step, IT Outsourcing firms conduct a detailed interview with the end-users of the software. It will be good if you first chalk out their needs and build a program which matches up to their requirements.

3) Assess Technology Infrastructure: Analyse the different desktops, servers, and systems that will be running your software. Having an insight of the end-users knowledge base will surely assist the development companies to decide which platform and technology will be suitable for the development process. This will ensure software developed is compatible with all the systems. 

4) Consider using Industry Best Practices: Just like other industries, the IT sector has also laid out some best practices for the software building task. These practices aid the developers in rapid & step by step development of the whole software. It is essential to stick to these practices so that you can succeed in this cut-throat competition. 

5) Design: The software designing should not be entitled only to software architect but should be done with the collaboration of the programmer and developer. This increases the chances that all the aspects of the software functionality will be covered that too in a proper manner.

6) Track Custom Software Development Progress: Keeping a tab on the development process especially when you are hiring the offshore firm. Before rolling out the final product to the client, it will be good if you first test run the software, locate bugs and eliminate them as soon as possible.  

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