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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Some features of CakePHP which make it stand apart

Posted by Noman Cart on January 31 2017, 09:38am

Categories: #CakePHP Developer, #.NET MVC Development

Cake Php Development

The web development sector covers a wide range of intrinsic aspects and it becomes essential to keep yourself well-informed so that you can settle down with the best framework for your development project. When it comes to selecting the right tech, there are various platforms to choose from. While researching about these different techs, it is ideal to pick that option which not only meets your business requirements but also has the potential cover up the future long-term goals. It will be good if you take the advice from the experts before picking the right code. 

Noticeably, the CakePHP Development comes with so much potential of evolving the functional patterns and thus helped in bringing lots of utility for the web developers, end-users, and consumers. The CakePHP framework offers an integrated control over the core functionality of the whole web development structure and coherence with the advanced business processes, utility factors and market proponents. It will be good if you hire an expert for this task.
Given below are some of the aspects, which signifies the fact that; CakePHP tech has a lot more to offer to the web industry. 


There's no doubt in that the advent of CakePHP has made the process of web application development faster and simpler. With the set number of conventions, stilt MVC architecture, code generation tools and application scaffolding, this whole framework has made the entire process a lot easier. With extensive support for a series of database vendors like Microsoft SQL and MySQL, users can scale the task in a better way and can develop more efficient solutions. 


Compared to other platforms, the CakePHP framework hosts a series of security features like the protection against the task of form tampering, cross-site coding attacks, cross-website request forgery and SQL injection. Look out for an experienced CakePHP Developer who offers a security utility that enables an uninterpreted access to the encryption and hashing algorithms which keep the portal safe. 


Well, having a properly maintained migration path for the web developers is always the top priority, which makes the applications stay updated. There is a complete series of clear outlines for the updates and features which are expected in between the version and also an array of migration tools. 


The CakePHP platform comes with some of the most beneficial documentation which covers a full scope of the structure along with an extensive API source. Moreover, you can also find a wide range of online tutorials and written articles, which will help you in this process. You can also log in and take part in the official training session at the CakePHP developer community. 


CakePHP is an open-source platform which means it is not only easier to modify but also available for free under the MIT's license which allows it for commercial usage. Along with that, the Cake Software Foundation itself backs up the project which is a lawful entity and is known for managing the legal, payments, copyrights, developers certification, professional and various other CakePHP events that happen across the world. 


Since the CakePHP's launch, it is performing as one of the leading contestants in the PHP framework sector. Moreover, it remains as the top 5 beneficial PHP projects. With a huge mod of visitors and millions of page views across the powerful portals. And it is predicted that CakePHP will continue to gain popularity in the coming years as well. 
Summing Up

By keeping all these aspects in mind, you can comprehend that opting for CakePHP infrastructure for your web development project will surely bring some great advantages. 

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