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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Why ASP.NET Is The Best Choice For Web Development

Posted by Noman Cart on January 10 2017, 11:55am

Categories: #.NET MVC development, #.NET Developer, #.NET MVC Development, #.NET Web Development

.NET MVC development

As a platform for developing web applications, ASP.NET provides an easy yet effective source to create robust, interactive and scalable internet applications. The redesigned version of  .NET MVC development was launched by Microsoft that featured all the latest features and enhancements. Along with being an open source and cross-platform, the framework enables the developers to create premium applications for the internet as well as the cloud. 

The developers can now avail the advanced features which are focused on reducing the time and efforts needed for creating complex applications. The ASP.NET 5 framework is the need of the hour for the development of modern applications. The applications, being cross-platform compatible, runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. While the applications are being executed, the developers have the option to choose from three different run times which are:

  • Full.NET CLR
  • Core CLR
  • Cross-platform CLR

By default, the run time for Visual Studio projects is the Full.NET CLR. Similarly, the Core CLR is a cloud-optimized runtime. The Cross-platform CLR runtime supports web application development for Mac OS X and Linux OS.

The highly advanced .NET application development enables developers to use an all-in-one framework for Web Forms, model view controller and Web API. This core framework is called the MVC 6. Programmers can use this framework to avail functions of three frameworks at once and create web and cloud apps. The MVC 6 framework helps the developers to get rid of duplication or overlapping of features of different frameworks. The developers can also use only a single framework and avoid writing different programs.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 takes the place of the web.config file with a new and advanced configuration system. So, these projects have the ability to be deployed from the cloud, right from the beginning. The new configuration system allows the developers to specify the values for each environment, and check the precision of values after they are deployed. At the same time, the diagnostic and tracing tools can be used to identify the elements affecting the performance in the cloud.

The recent version of ASP.NET has a new HTTP request pipeline. This new pipeline is fast as well as modular. This helps the developers to add only those components, which are required in the application. The option to select only the required resources makes it easier to optimize the application in terms of performance and responsiveness. This is done by reducing the overhead in the HTTP request pipeline.

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