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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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A Quick Review On Android Nougat

Posted by Noman Cart on February 14 2017, 10:07am

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Currently launched for the Google Pixel and the Nexus smartphones, the Android Nougat has a number of advancements in its version 7.1.1. It allows the users to perform a lot more on their android devices. The android app development services can use this platform to create innovative mobile apps.

3-D Touch Feature

First appeared for the Pixel phones, the 3-D touch is a part of the android update. With the android 7.1.1 update, all the smartphones running on the android operating system will have this feature. With this advanced android app development, the user can tap and hold the app icon which will display a sub menu. This menu has quick options for the app and gives a quick access to some important features of the app.

Split Screen Multitasking

The latest version of android features the ability to run two applications simultaneously on a single screen. You can choose the two apps you want to use together on the screen. This is highly beneficial as the user will not have to minimize the apps again and again. In addition to it, you can also drag and drop the text or images from one app to another.

Data Saving Mode

Most of the mobile apps continue to run in the background. Even after they have been minimized, they continue to use internet data in the background. This might turn out to be very expensive, depending upon the mobile data plan you are using. This issue of android app development has been taken care of with the latest android Nougat version. A user can turn on the ‘Data Savings mode and pick the apps that are allowed to use data in the background.

Double Tap To Swap Apps

To switch apps instantly, you can simply double tap the multitasking button on your android device. For getting back to the recent app, double tap the button again.

Custom Notification Settings

If you do not want a certain app to show you notifications, there is no need to go through individual app settings. By pulling down the notifications bar, you can simply choose the apps that you want to receive the notifications from. You may pick from the options to block, show silent notifications or allow the notifications.

GIFs And Emojis

Emoji have become an integral part of all conversations. The number of emoji in the Nougat has been increased which include many different expressions. Now, you can also send GIFs directly from the on-screen keyboard and make conversations more interactive.

Wrapping Up

Google has quoted that since the release of the android Nougat, only a handful of devices have been reportedly updated. However, the numbers are expected to rise significantly as the upcoming android devices will feature this version. The Android Nougat has many significant features other than the mentioned above. The platform can be used by the android app development services to create the latest applications for the mobile domain.

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