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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Creating Mobile Compatible Websites With ASP.NET

Posted by Noman Cart on February 1 2017, 15:11pm

Categories: #.NET MVC development, #PHP Programming, #.NET Developer, #.NET Web Development

Creating Mobile Compatible Websites With ASP.NET


Today, mobile-ready websites are ruling the web sphere. A website for any domain has to be compatible with small screens just as it does on PCs and laptops. With the soaring conversion ratio of mobile websites, is becoming quite simplistic to access the websites on the smartphones. This is made effective with the help of the leading ASP.Net technology.

The architectural aspects of a mobile based website depend upon the choice of platform or device of the user. The mobile marketplace has a limited number of smartphones and other hand-held devices which are capable of displaying websites just like they are viewed over PCs. The markup of such sites is made compliant by.NET development with the W3C standards and they are preferred by the visitors over other clumsy websites.

There are another kind of websites that are not able to come up well, especially for mobile devices. Such drawbacks can be taken care of by making use of .NET MVC development and mobile-compatible CSS for designing the website. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheets make the website mobile ready, enabling the website to reach out more audience.

Many developers use this development approach but often forget that the site would be (mostly) viewed on mobile browsers. It is too wrong to assume that the website will come up equally well on both web browsers as well as mobile browsers. Some of the smartphones and tablets CSS support. This makes it difficult for such devices to precisely display the web pages to the users.

You can create any number of sites and subsites, wherein multiple autonomous sites can be hosted at the same moment. This way a business can use.NET MVC development target various mobile portals and websites.This feature comes with numerous advantages. The webmasters can pick the features they wish to deliver a different audience-specific version without many efforts.

.NET framework makes it possible for a single website to render the desired results and change the aesthetics of the website as per the device it is accessed on. The platform makes it scalable to vary as per the mobile platform and the device. Different kinds of visitors can be served with the web content and code base at the same time. The website backend identifies the device configuration and adjusts its attributes accordingly.

With the rising demand for websites, which are both web and mobile compatible, many.NET development services taking the projects to create custom websites. The advanced features of .NET MVC eliminates the limits of the application which work well on desktops but fail to respond on mobile devices. 

The .NET MVC and Visual Studio 2010 suite allows the web developers to create code snippets. These snippets are compatible with mobile as well as desktop sites, which boost the audience domain significantly.

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