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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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7 Mobile App Development Tips For User Engagement

Posted by Noman Cart on March 31 2017, 10:40am

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Without a thorough understanding of the expectation of your end users, it is not possible to create a successful mobile application. Gathering data about the expectations and preferences of the users are the initial steps of crafting an impeccable UX journey. In this article, we will discuss 7 of the key aspects mobile developers must abide by throughout the lifecycle of the app.

  • Have A Clear Purpose

Every mobile app developer should remember that the app has to serve a ‘primary’ purpose. This should be obvious from its name, app description, and user experience. An app is simply abandoned if the basic function of the app is not effective, for which the users download the app. Whether it focuses on online shopping, E-books, game or social media, it should target the users with its core functionality.

  • Keep In-app Purchases Secondary

Once you are assured that the functionalities and aesthetics do justice to the primary feature of your app, you can consider the second purpose, which is generating revenue. If the users do not find your app valuable, they will not go ahead with the purchases and may continue using the freeware. A common example is the gaming apps. In these, if the game is able to mesmerize the audience, it is only then the users opt for paid features.

  • Color & Iconography

When an app is downloaded from the store, the first thing that the users do is find out if the solves the purpose for which the app has been considered. If the user finds the navigation to be unsatisfactory or the app content not up to the mark, they will simply abandon it and move to other alternatives. If your mobile app development does not feature relevant experience with color and iconography, your app cannot be viral, no matter how useful the content may be.

  • App Navigation

The app must provide convenience to the users rather than making it complex. Keep the obvious functions automated and the others simple to use. Remember, everything should be accessible within a few clicks or swipe. If the app features multiple functions, add a search bar so that it is easy for the users to jump to the specific functionality or content.

  • Mode Of Revenue

It is wrong to assume that if an app goes viral, it will automatically generate income. This strategy is short-lived and most of the app die out soon after their launch. You must keep in mind that the revenue model should be decided well before the development. If it is featured for free, it may have advertisements. But if it comes with a price tag, the users will prefer not to have any ads in it.

  • App Performance Analytics

Today, there are many tools available to track the habits and characteristics of users. This enables the mobile app developers know of the areas where the app is able to engage the users. All of such metrics is crucial to make the app successful and make necessary tweaks to make it better.

  • Marketing

A mobile app development is ineffective without a thoughtful marketing strategy. Merely rolling it out on the Play Store or the App Store will not yield you the desired results. Conventional marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your app. This includes attractive landing pages, social media integration, custom animations etc.

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