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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Is Custom Software Development Overrated?

Posted by Noman Cart on March 29 2017, 10:10am

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Is Custom Software Development Overrated?


Business owners often incline towards introducing a custom software application in their business processes to boost the overall productivity. A custom software may be used for various purposes such as billing, cost analysis, return management, accounting and much more. In the organizations where deadlines have to be met while assuring the quality, a regular software can limit the outreach and chances of staying ahead of competitors.

With the competition on an all-time high, a hiring custom software development company has become a crucial decision for a business. Only a custom tool can assure that you are always ahead of your competitors and achieve your goals.

A custom-made software uses limited resources to serve the specific needs of a business. If you have used a standard software, you cal well relate to the fact that a licensed software from a vendor is not capable of delivering to the needs of a business. Whereas, getting a custom software means letting the developers research and study the business process and come up with an ideal custom-made application.

A custom software is flexible in every aspect, unlike any regular software package. Companies hire software development companies on a contractual basis. These IT outsourcing firms undertake the project and use the rightful resources which may best serve the purpose. This is beneficial, especially when the needs of a growing business change quite often.

Most of the standard software packages are available for free or a minimal fee. This is one of the primary reasons businesses, especially the startups opt for such software. But soon enough, the fact unfolds that these software are not capable of serving the growing needs of a company. On the other hand, investing in a custom application ensures a scalable resource at a reasonable price.

Unlike the readily available software present on the internet, a custom-made software has advanced security features to safeguard the critical data and business information. A lot of research and development goes into writing down the code of the software and tested thoroughly for any weak links. An intruder or hacker will find it hard to hack into a custom application than to exploit a ready-made package.

With an off the shelf software, you do not have the reliable resources to go to in case you need any kind of assistance. As a result, you are left with no other option but to consult third party developers, who charge a hefty amount for support. In the worst case scenario, you might have to replace the entire program which your company had been using for a while and got used to. This can affect the overall productivity of a business.

Once you have a custom software programmed by a dedicated custom software development company, your business can be assured that the developers you hire will be available at all times whenever you need any kind of maintenance and troubleshooting operations. This cannot be imagined in the case of a regular software.

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