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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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How To Get Hired In An iOS Development Company?

Posted by Noman Cart on April 19 2017, 17:12pm

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How To Get Hired In An iOS Development Company?


In order to meet the rising demand of advanced iOS applications, a developer needs to possess more than just technical know-how. Today, the world of app development has become an ever evolving sphere. So, if you want to be the developer which companies look out for, you need to understand the app development concepts through the mind of a user.

The iPhone is the most significant piece of hardware introduced to the public in the last two decades, followed by the iPad. With regular and productive upgrades being made in the Apple devices, the demand for compatible solutions will always be rational. Thus, to get into the iOS development and ensure a fruitful career, you should know what are the skills a development company looks for.

So, what are the key skills an iOS app development company looks for?

Proficiency In Swift 

If you explore the web for the interview questions asked by companies when they hire iOS developers, you will see that every company focuses on the proficiency in Swift. Swift has been introduced by Apples itself and widely used as a programming language to create iOS operating systems. If you are not good with swift, you will simply loose out the competition. As stated by Apple time and again, swift will be the future of app development. So as a developer, it is your responsibility to be proficient in it. These are some of the topics associated with Swift which can be asked to you in an interview:

  • Basic knowledge of syntax 
  • If and Switch Statements
  • Optionals
  • Error handling
  • Objective -C
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Initialization

Basics Of iOS Programming

Key value coding 
Xcode and interface builder
Table Views
Cocoa touch
View Controllers
Auto Layout

Ability To Visualize in 3-D

Are you able to visualize the app in the world of 3-D? If you can visualize a spatial relation between objects, you will have an added advantage in the interview process. While designing the interface for the Apple devices such as the Apple TV or the Apple Watch, you will have to analyze the user interface of the application in a 3 dimensional space. You need to have a constant practice for the spatial reasoning in order to master the skill.

Knowledge About Networking

To get hired in a professional iOS app development company, you should have the knowledge of how an app integrates with the web for uploading and downloading data. One of the common formats on which you should be experienced is the Java Script Object Notation of JSON.


When a well-established firm hire iOS developers, they make sure that the candidates have the ability to implement version control. The GitHub is a hosting service for acquiring decentralized version and source code management functionality of GIT. This skill is necessary, especially when you will be working with a team of iOS developers.

iOS Troubleshooting

The iOS application developers need to be highly responsive when it comes to handling the bugs and crashes. Apple has a zero tolerance policy for every app to feature on the App Store. If an app has any kinds of bugs or glitches, it is simply rejected and all the time and money goes in vain. An iOS developer should ensure that every app is thoroughly tested before it is rolled out and there is a total control over every functionality of the application.

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