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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Why Should You Prefer Android App Development Company Over Freelancer

Posted by Noman Cart on April 25 2017, 15:11pm

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 Why Should You Prefer Android App Development Company Over Freelancer

The android applications have revolutionized the mobile apps market. The apps have been competing with the iPhone apps and the android mobiles continue to dominate the smartphone market. App developers prefer android as it is easier to develop and gives more exposure. An android operating system is an open-source software, which gives the developers the freedom to create groundbreaking applications.

Given the rapidly gaining grounds of android, companies hire mobile app developer for creating android apps. These apps are generally free to install and precisely deliver what the users want. This software development kit or the SDK is adept for the development of dynamic, feature-rich and robust apps. As a result, more and number of people are choosing android based devices to get access to these amazing applications.

If you want to develop an app on the android platform and you do not have the required resources for the development, you need a developer to do it. For this, you can either opt for a freelancer, or a web development company.

Although an experienced and a full-time programmer may be costly for android app development but if you consider the assurance of quality and value added services, it turns out to be a feasible option. The developers from such agencies have hands on experience on diverse projects and are used to working in strict deadlines while maintaining the app quality. The same cannot be expected with a freelancer.

A hired developer is a full-time developer in a mobile development company. For hiring a developer, you pay for the services they offer which include development, testing, technical support and much more. You can get these services for a specified duration or for a particular project. The company is responsible for the entire project as well as for the infrastructure and tools required by the hired developer.

If you choose a freelancer, you cannot be assured that the app will be delivered within a strict deadline. Delays in completion of the project are one of the main reasons why app development firms are chosen over freelancers. Moreover, there is generally no legal agreement among the client and the developer, so it is not much you can do in case the project misses on deadline or quality.

Moreover, it is not easy to find a freelancer who can provide you with the attributes you are looking for. The android development is often handed over to an offshore company since there are a plethora of new android devices available in the market. And it is not feasible for a freelancer to test the app over all such devices.

The professional agencies follow customer centric models for development. This ensures a client that the development of the android app will include the latest practices and ensure quality results and a timely delivery. While it may cost a little more than a freelancer, it ensures a higher ROI in the long run.


Hiring a freelancer for android app development over a dedicated agency is rather a risky pursuit. It is only feasible if you have been working as a freelancer for a while and he has been delivering you premium services. However, the chances are lesser to none. On the other hand, if you want that your android app should feature quality and gets completed in time, it is advised that you should go ahead with hiring an app developer from a reputed development company.

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