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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Understanding The Reigning Mobile App Development Trends

Posted by Noman Cart on May 2 2017, 15:55pm

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Understanding The Reigning Mobile App Development Trends

There is no denying the fact that the real potential of any smartphone resides in the apps it is loaded with. Mobile applications enable their users to perform their daily tasks with ease, be it for business purposes or any recreational activities. Although most of the apps are available for free, but the interested mobile app users do not mind paying a price for an app which can assist them. The users wish for a mobile app which is reliable, engaging and easy to use.


Considering the trends as in 2017, there were some apps that got the most number of downloads, whereas many were not able to survive. Since the app market will continue to brim in 2017 as well, it is important for mobile app developers to take note of the progression. Some of the leading trends of application development have been mentioned below:

Develop An App For Multiple Platforms

In the world of mobile app development, updates are being released every day. Relying merely on a single platform for the development of a mobile app is not a smart move because no platform is going to stay forever. Therefore, it is highly needed that a developer should create an app for multiple platforms in order to target users and make the application future ready.

Add Only Relevant Features

Many beginners often get mistaken that adding bulk features make their app useful. However, this is not the case. When it comes to using the precise mobile design and adding only the relevant functionality, you have to think wisely. This is because mobile devices have smaller screens. A developer should keep things simple when it comes to adding features because too many features make the app complex and render it unattractive for the target audience.

Avoid Irrelevant Add-Ons

Beefing up the app with a lot of features is never helpful especially when an app has to deliver one primary function. Although it might be easy to add too many features, but it becomes difficult for the users to operate the app. 

Use Google Analytics

It is important that the performance of the mobile app should be measured so it can be improved. Google Analytics is one such tool which helps a developer in dealing with bug reporting, crash records, active users, engagement as well as retention rate. Once the Google Analytics is activated, it becomes easier to take precise decisions at the right time.

Test Your App Thoroughly

Testing the mobile app before rolling it out is a no-brainer. The mobile app developers should ensure that they perform a thorough beta testing of the mobile. This will not help you in identifying the potential errors but will also give the developers sufficient time to deal with them accordingly. It is advised that the app should be tested prior to sending it for the beta testing. This allows the incorporation of comparative solutions and ensuring an error-free end product.

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