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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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How to create Cutting Edge Web Applications with .Net MVC Development

Posted by Noman Cart on August 30 2017, 10:42am

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How to create Cutting Edge Web Applications with .Net MVC Development


Although ASP.NET MVC framework is based on ASP.NET it an open source framework. This web application development framework is used by developers around the world to build robust enterprise applications by using three distinct roles i.e. Model, view, and controller. ASP.NET MVC is light weight and highly reliable framework and can be integrated smoothly with ASP.NET features and enables programmers to create robust and customized web applications quickly. The MVC model also enables developers to design applications with the business, display and input control layers.

You can avail .NET MVC Development service if you have any requirement to build a complex and stable web application. In ASP.NET MVC development, Model handles the logic part of the software application while display part is handled by View and the user interactions are handled through the controller. These three layers can be separated from each other hence making it easier for the programmers to concentrate on one aspect while building complex enterprise applications. There are also other many advantages that make ASP.NET MVC framework the best option to build cutting edge web applications.

How ASP.NET helps in Cutting Edge Web Application Development?

  • Complexity can be managed easily

Internet application development is complex because there are several changes in the choices and preferences of the end users. All companies want to launch the website as early as possible to beat the competition. Hence it is a challenge for the programmers to launch the website on the scheduled time. ASP.NET MVC framework helps developers to manage complexity by making it easier. Developers can focus on a specific aspect to manage complexity effectively as each application can be divided into the model, the view, and the controller.

  • No requirement for Server Based ASP.NET web Forms

In recent years, .NET development has become more popular due to the several benefits it offers. Many developers use the ASP.NET MVC framework as an alternative to conventional ASP.NET Web Forms. ASP.NET MVC is highly reliable and allows the developers to avail ASP.NET features like authentication and security. MVC application doesn’t require view state or server based forms. Hence it becomes easier for the developers to control the outcome of application fully.

  • Application requests are processed through a single Controller

The ASP.NET MVC framework processes the internet application requests through a Front Controller Pattern and this pattern allows to process all the requests through a single controller. Also, the design of the application can be optimized by supporting a rich routing infrastructure. The developers also have the option to create a common base class for all page controllers to enhance consistency and reliability while eliminating chances of code duplication.

  • Behavior of the Application is under Control

In today’s time, so many organizations build complex enterprise application in a distributed environment. The members of a distributed team work from different locations hence it becomes difficult for them to control the behavior of the application completely. ASP.NET MVC framework enables the project manager to divide the complex enterprise applications into the model, view and the controller. Also, the business, display and input control layers can be separated from each other. Therefore a particular team can focus on a specific aspect of the application and control its behavior completely.

  • ASP.NET MVC supports Test Driven Development

There has been a increase in the number of organization which is adopting test-driven development. Test-driven development validates the correctness of the code as well as further drives the application designs. As the test cases are compiled in advance hence the developers have to concentrate on the effect of specific functionality on the users. The main objective of the programmers is to pass the test, therefore, they have to focus on a particular task at a time. The ASP.NET MVC framework supports the test-driven development by enabling code-writers to focus on a specific task or aspect of the application at a time.

The developers can further use the Visual Studio to create a single ASP.NET project by integrating ASP.NET MVC with web forms and web pages. This type of integration helps the developer in optimizing the look, feel and performance of the internet based application by availing features of these three different frameworks.

If there is any need then you can hire developers from top .net development company who can help you to build dynamic and custom web portals within fixed budget and time schedule.

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