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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom is a CMMI Level-3 Software Development Company providing Custom, Offshore Software, Mobile App and Web Application Development Services

What are the advantages of Custom Software Development for Companies?

Posted by Noman Cart on August 23 2017, 15:23pm

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What are the advantages of Custom Software Development for Companies?

Nowadays it is nearly impossible for modern businesses of any size to do core operation without the use of some sort of technology From websites which provide an online presence, databases that stores an enormous amount of information, to surveillance cameras, mobile application and beyond, tech is widely used in enterprises. When a time comes to upgrade the software that drives a company, some of the companies go for custom software solutions. 

There are many reasons why companies are opting for custom software development to have a software to run their business. Companies use software for everyday tasks. Some of the software is free and can handle the basic tasks like web browsing: Firefox, Chrome, IE etc. And some software has some cost involved and handle more complex tasks like project management or employee attendance. Whether a business is small or large, they can benefit from developing their own custom software to meet their specific requirements. Here we will discuss the advantages of custom software development.

  • Software for Specific Needs

If you go for custom software i.e. Developing software that fits your exact needs, you don’t get those features which you never use or navigation which is not required by your business. It’s your custom software and it will look and work exactly how you want and need it to be. The main benefit of developing your own custom software is that you can do whatever you need it to do. By devoting enough time and money, you can get whatever kind of software you want. Hence you can start with your immediate needs and then build from there as your requirement grows.

  • Lower Costs

Custom software will have more long term cost savings than paying a license fee for third party ready-made software. You should evaluate what you will sacrifice in functionality by using a ready made software solution. You can calculate yourself how much the custom software solution will cost and how much license fee you will have to pay for using the ready made software solution in few years from now. You will find that custom software solutions is cheaper comparatively.

  • Maintenance

If you go for custom software development then you can get the maintenance for your software for as long as you need it while in case of ready made software, your business will be dependent on the software developer from where you have purchased the software. Similarly, in the case of custom web development for your business, you can get maintenance for as long period as you want. 


  • Easy Integration with CRMs and other software

Custom software can be integrated with many existing CRMs and APIs or other pre-installed software in your company. Using custom software you can integrate all the software programs which are needed in your business. Hence by using custom software, you can achieve all of your target and business goals.

  • Scalable

Custom Software is scalable and you will continue to get support from the developers even if your business grows in size. Custom software development meets all the specific requirements of your company whether it is large or small and allows your business to scale up without having any issue while in ready made software scaling up is not that easy.


  • Less chance of Hacking attempts

There are fewer chances of hacking attempts on the custom software which is running your business. This is due to the fact that most of the hacking attempts are performed on the software of which all the vulnerabilities are known and in the public domain. Therefore custom software is less targeted by hackers.


  • Technical Support

The major benefit of the custom software is that you will get technical support from the company which has developed it. This software is custom designed for you hence if you face any problem while using the software then the development team itself can help in resolving them quickly.

Therefore custom software development is easy to build and implement if you have chosen the right software development company. Just make sure that the company has an excellent track record and has an in-house team of developers with expert knowledge. After the implementation and installation of custom software in your company, you will definitely see the benefits of it in your business and operations whether it is small or big.

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