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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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What are the Modern E-Commerce Web Design and Development Trends?

Posted by Noman Cart on August 2 2017, 10:35am

Categories: #Ecommerce Web Development, #Web Development Services, #Custom Web Development, #Web Application Development

E-Commerce websites have to be designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements to showcase a large number of products for the customers which are searching to buy online. Designers must focus on showing products within the layout. Although user interfaces are not much complex they require lots of additional meta-data such as prices, quantity, and item types.

Here we will show you some common e-Commerce website trends which any E-commerce web development company must be using nowadays. Many website layouts can be found easily on the internet but here we will give you information which will be useful for even experienced web developers which are looking for emerging user interface trends. You should keep yourself up-to-date by practicing new techniques.

Animated Page Elements

There are few e-Commerce websites which put the animations properly. If these animations are not done properly then the visitors will not feel comfortable while browsing the e-commerce site. But if you create helpful animations which is connected to some important segment of your layout animation styles then it will be very useful. You can animate menus and products captions carrying hidden contents which will be quite useful.

For shoppers and web development company which are quite known to the old layout, these new trends are not much difficult. For e.g. The very cool sub-navigation fly out menu which can come by hovering any of the top links as the small block container will animate out from the page. Also, you will find topic headings along with related thumbnail images.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Many of the new users are not comfortable while shopping online. Some people are not comfortable sharing their credit card details and they will find it difficult jumping into an online purchase. One of the best methods for reducing this uncertainty is by providing user feedback and customers ratings. Many of the developers should recognize this ratings and reviews from the popular iOS app store or Android’s Play Store. Users should be able to purchase an item and leave their own review of what they think regarding the product. Reviews include some text and a star rating on the scale of 1-5.

User reviews and ratings are universal as everyone knows what they mean hence people can read the reviews and come to conclusion about the product quality by their own. This kind of system can help lots of customers in making a decision to buy the products from the site.


The e-commerce website offering an e-store and products must be careful about organizing all of this data. Most of the website navigation menus generally have a small collection of links to some potential sub-menus items. But e-Commerce websites require multiple levels of nested menu links. Sometimes there are so many levels that you won’t be able to display all of them at once. When the user browses through any product categories than the navigation menu should open up to display more options. But these links are visible for only the currently selected topic.
When you hover over each menu item on the left-hand side then a flyout menu should appear with additional links. Then when you will select one of these options a newly updated navigation menu should appear on the left side. These provide additional properties to choose from such as brands, type, size and price range etc.

Your website interface should be easy to read and navigate. Most of the users will not get lost on any page with so many navigation options.

Product Magnification

If you want to sell products online then you should provide the best viewing experience to the visitors so that they can clearly see what they are buying and paying for. Generally, this can be accomplished by publishing very high-quality images. But you should also provide more setup to your visitors. Actually, you should provide product magnification option to your visitors. When the visitors hover the mouse over the image then a bigger magnified view should come up. The larger zoom box should appear over the product content so that the user doesn't need to scroll anywhere. This feature can be developed using JavaScript which could offer a simple fallback method to open larger images in a new window. You can easily find the required code on open source websites.

These were some of the trends for modern e-commerce website design. You will see most of these on so many of the e-commerce websites as they offer an easier way to access the website by the visitors and they provide such an experience that visitor will become customers and do online shopping on the website.

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