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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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How Mobile Apps Will Impact The Future Of User Experience

Posted by Noman Cart on September 8 2017, 14:46pm

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How Mobile Apps Will Impact The Future Of User Experience


There is nothing better than having the world on the convenience of your mobile phone. And we can also say that apps have also changed the way we create user experience online. There is so much that you can do using these apps such as ordering a pizza, buying something online or even book a cab. SO every business tries to make their service available to the user. Also, in this case, mobile app developers deserve a due credit for getting new innovations and creating something new every time. So here are a few points in which we think that “ Mobile Apps Will Impact The Future Of User Experience”

Will Help To Ease Out Business Process Tasks

Nowadays more and more businesses are using mobile apps to carry out their business processes. There are apps for communications and also for handling various transactions. It also saves a lot of time. Also having an app for top business executives saves the cost of hiring software professionals for the same business processes. An app provides faster access to people.

E-Commerce User Experience Will Be Enhanced

Many biggies such as Amazon and Flipkart understand that mobile apps are a very important aspect of improving the usability. It is far easier to browse and order things online. E-commerce apps save a lot of time and cater to a large number of users. It is a win situation for both the user and the seller.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence assistants are becoming more common. Thanks to the introduction of Siri, other app developers are also coming up with fresh ideas to improve user experience using A.I technology.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality 

The mobile app development in today’s world has gone a step ahead by introducing great features like augmented reality and virtual reality on various apps and games. Pokemon GO is a great example of augmented reality. Even Youtube has now started taking virtual reality seriously and has introduced Google cardboard for a 360-degree virtual reality experience. Pokemon Go has also taken augmented reality very seriously and has found success with it. 

Cloud Computing WIll Save Memory

Cloud Computing is also one very big change that the industry has witnessed over the last couple of years. The best part about having apps based on the cloud network is that they do not take up much of your space. The second-best thing about this new development is that you can access the same apps on different devices and they are more secure.

Mobile Optimized Apps To Access Web Pages Better

Now for every portal in the market, there is a mobile app. Mobiles apps are good for many reasons. They provide quick access to the website is one reason. Various other factors include - faster browsing experience, mobile optimized options and better control given to the user for using applications. Facebook is one of the greatest examples of how an app can improve the website reach and create better mobile browsing experience.

Improving On The Security

The security concern is also an important development in the mobile application industry. It has now become more important to secure the user. Various transactions are made every day and there are features like OTP confirmation and user privacy which protect the right of the user and prevent fraud. If apps are more optimized for security then users can trust them to make business transactions.

All in all there is a bright future ahead for the mobile development companies and also for users who thrive on the mobile applications. 

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