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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Angular Vs React: Brief Comparison of JS Tools

Posted by Noman Cart on October 30 2017, 16:55pm

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Angular Vs React: Brief Comparison of JS Tools

There are many web application development frameworks based on JavaScript which is available today and they are increasing day by day. Most of the businesses these days are developing their web applications using two popular JavaScript framework i.e. Angular and React. Angular JavaScript Framework is developed by Google whereas React is developed by Facebook. If you want to succeed in your online business then you have to choose the right and appropriate framework. 


Choosing a right framework can also affect your ability to complete the Web Application Development project on time and how you can maintain the code in the future. The main benefit of JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React is that they give structure to the code and keep it well organized therefore making your app more scalable and flexible and the development process much easier which results in much faster delivery of the projects. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular JavaScript framework Angular and React.


AngularJS is basically an open source JavaScript development framework which is used to create web applications. AngularJS is one of the oldest JavaScript development frameworks and also it has a large developer community worldwide. AngularJS can solve all of the problems related to single page application by extending the HTML features and functionalities using directives. Also, AngularJS framework helps in getting your web application up and running quickly.

Due to its immense benefits, AngularJS has been widely used by Web Development Services to develop amazing web projects with high level of flexibility and scalability.

Now let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of AngularJS.


  • As AngularJS has large developer community hence it is easy to find AngularJS developers.
  • Angular has a free open source license and is supported by Google which makes it the best choice for a company.
  • It supports straightforward UI design.
  • AngularJS is easy to scale due to its design.
  • Its code pattern is easy to learn and understand.
  • It provides a filter option to enter and view the data in the web application as per the requirements.
  • AngularJS saves lots of time as it is faster and easy to develop.
  • Major services of AngularJS are easily available which makes the development process much easier.



  • Coding of AngularJS can look complex to a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about coding in general.
  • In AngularJS, sometimes the development of a web application can get delayed due to DOM manipulation.
  • AngularJS has a bigger framework size.
  • Sometimes in AngularJS, problems exist in the search engine indexing.



React was introduced by Facebook. It is a JavaScript library used for designing user interfaces with a more focus on great rendering performance. React is built on MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture and it is also quite effective for rendering a large data set. Actually, React was created to solve the problems which were related to other JavaScript development frameworks.

Now we will discuss the Pros and Cons of React.


  • React is easy to learn and master.
  • React is a very lightweight framework to develop web applications for businesses.
  • React has a good developer community which provides good support.
  • In React, reuse of previous code is quite easy.


  • Learning React is steep.
  • React is actually only a library and not the fully functional framework.
  • Developing enterprise web applications using ReactJS is difficult.
  • React comes with a patent clause which can be a big issue for some businesses.


We have just given a brief comparison between the two most popular and widely used JavaScript development frameworks i.e. Angular and React. You should select the framework after doing thorough research about your requirements and availability of JavaScript frameworks as it is an important step before starting the web application development phase. You should learn that AngularJS and ReactJS offer different ways for web application development for startups, small scale and large scale enterprises and businesses. Although Angular and React, both JavaScript development framework are powerful and easy to use we can’t term anyone as best or worst. Hence the business should select either AngularJS or ReactJS based upon their web application development goals, requirements and system constraints.

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