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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Factors to Consider During E-Commerce Website Development

Posted by Noman Cart on October 13 2017, 16:08pm

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Factors to Consider During E-Commerce Website Development


Due to the popularity and high penetration of internet, buying pattern of people is changing very fast. People now buy lots of their selected product and services online from E-commerce websites. According to a research now more than 60% of the buyers prefer to spend money on online shopping. Therefore so many businesses now want to develop their own E-commerce website to generate more sales of their products.

The process, E-commerce Web Development for a website is a complex process and for that, you need to hire some experienced and reputed E-commerce website development company who can develop an E-commerce website for your business in a more intuitive way. Now we will discuss the 5 factors which you need to consider during E-commerce website development.

Choosing the right E-commerce Platform

The first thing is to select the right E-commerce platform for your E-commerce website. There are many E-commerce platforms to choose from like Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify etc. If you will not the select the right E-commerce platform than it will lead to loss of your time and money. Also, you have to select the theme of your E-commerce store. Most of the E-commerce websites which fail are due to the fact that they don’t have a great design theme for their website. Most of the E-commerce websites nowadays combine the blog with the website to engage more with the customers. Google also gives higher ranking to the websites which also have a blog.

Responsive Design

If you have chosen the right company for your E-commerce Web Application Development then definitely they will design it in such a way that it is a responsive website. Now so many people use mobile phones to browse the websites and many of them access E-commerce websites to buy some products or services from their mobile devices. As per an estimate now around half of the sales of E-commerce stores comes from mobile devices. Therefore it is important to optimize your E-commerce website for both desktops as well as for the mobile devices. For this the e-commerce websites need to implement responsive design to make it viewable on all types of devices. Also the designing of the E-commerce website should be done keeping in mind about the mobile device users.

Search Engine Optimization

Sales of the E-commerce websites depends on the number of visitors on its website. Hence search engine optimization of the website has become very important if the e-commerce website wants to increase the visitors and the sales on its website. Search engine optimization helps the E-commerce website to rank higher in the search results and increases the visibility of the website and thus the conversion rate. If your e-commerce site will have a higher ranking then more customers will visit it.


All the E-commerce websites should be secure enough to support the users to use credit or debit cards and enter payment information like Name, Address, Email, Phone etc. Hence these websites should support SSL for encrypting the information which needs to be secured. Also, compliance of PCI is also important for any business who accept the digital payments.


Although the development of E-commerce website takes some time, money and effort it is worth to invest in these as once your E-commerce website is complete, it will definitely increase the sales at the rapid rate and makes many loyal customers which regularly visit your website to purchase something. But for this, you have developed the E-commerce website while considering the above-discussed factors and points in mind as it will lead to a successful E-commerce website.

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