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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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How IoT is impacting Mobile App Development?

Posted by Noman Cart on October 3 2017, 14:48pm

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How IoT is impacting Mobile App Development?


With the popularity of smartphones around the world now billions of people use their smartphones for many types of work like asking questions, solving queries, to search places for eating, searching banks and other places, finding ways etc. Mobile apps are installed on these smartphones and they perform various functions. With the huge popularity of mobile phones has led to the high popularity of mobile app development business. The latest trend now is to hook up your smartphones and tablets to the connected devices or better say Internet of things. Some people may ask that what is the need of IoT when there are millions of apps available to perform all kinds of tasks. IoT is the latest concept and best part about IoT is that it can connect homes, workplaces, gadgets, devices, and rides in many different ways.

All of these things are not easy especially when you are from a mobile app development side. Developing these kinds of apps with multilingual support which fits in various system roles and different levels can be very complex. Developing and testing these kinds of a native app which is compatible with IoT can take lots of time. IoT can change the entire tech world as it can create smarter things. IoT also supports the merging of real and the virtual world. There are smart watches, smart glares, smart belts etc. The mobile app is the thing through which you can easily access these things.

How Mobile Apps help in Changing the IoT World?

A smartphone without mobile apps is useless. Mobile apps have contributed tremendously in the field of IoT, AR, and VR. Hence for IoT to be successful, a mobile app is a must. Some of the technologies like cloud computing, wireless tech, and mobile tech are making the IoT in focus in the digital world. Due to the emergence and evolution of mobile apps, business and lifestyle of people have changed in past few years. Not only consumer apps but also enterprise apps have contributed to the IoT trend and have got lots of benefit out of IoT. Therefore now more and more businesses are looking to adopt IoT as soon as possible.

You can also hire mobile app developer if you also want to develop an IoT mobile app. Some of the sectors which have impacted a lot due to IoT are:- Software and technology, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, Infrastructure, manufacturing, transport etc.

Now we will discuss the few things about this new technology as new types of mobile application development has begun.

Select a Starting Point

For some developers there can be a problem in IoT mobile app development as it is expensive and they don’t know from where to begin. This new technology is changing the old process. Other than asking what is the function of mobile app now the developers will also ask what is the function of things and what type of devices you want to integrate. The developers should learn the technology of things before trying to create an app which controls it.

Connectivity Issues
Developers should think how their app is going to connect to the thing or the internet. Generally, apps connect via cellular service, WiFi, and Bluetooth but in IoT, this won’t be the route now. These apps will need different devices and connection protocols to integrate and this is a new way of thinking for developers.

More Open Source Development

Some companies like Google, Microsoft etc are working to introduce new software development apps and platforms to fully integrate IoT into mobile app systems. Also, the non-expert developers can get more and more programs to develop an app. As the Internet of Things is becoming part of our daily lives, more open source programs will be available so that anyone can develop and write codes for a mobile app. 


As we have discussed, IoT is going to change lots of things about mobile app development. In future, this will create the need for such developers to create these types of IoT apps. IoT will make everyone’s life easier. For this to happen, platform and infrastructure should be built from the start.

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