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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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How Mobile Applications are Improving Profit of Small Businesses?

Posted by Noman Cart on October 6 2017, 11:30am

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How Mobile Applications are Improving Profit of Small Businesses?

Since its inception, mobile applications have become very popular. Today you can find a mobile app for almost all important tasks which we do on daily basis. Actually, nowadays mobile apps are playing an important role in creating a brand name and image for businesses among their customers. Companies are earning billions of dollars of income through these mobile apps.

Today so many businesses hire a Mobile app developer to build their mobile app. Right now about 55% of world’s population own smartphones and they spend a considerable amount of time daily on their smartphones. That simply means that having a mobile app and making it available to your customers can help you to reach a greater audience and can help you to generate a handsome profit.

Now we will discuss the importance of mobile apps for businesses especially the small businesses which are looking for some platform and right opportunity to expand.

Create Loyal Customers

The mobile app helps in creating a direct connection with the customers. If you build a mobile application, it will allow you to create a relationship between the business and the customers and it will lead to brand loyalty. The customers first need to download and install your mobile app and then they will start using it. As mobile is personal for these customers hence there are chances that they will use the mobile app frequently hence they will become loyal customers. Research says about 45% users remain loyal to the mobile app which gives good user experience.

Easy to do Direct Marketing

If you want to do direct marketing then first you should contact a Mobile Application Development Company to build a mobile app for your business carrying all the required features. Easy to do direct marketing is one of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app as the information which you want to provide to your customers like promotions, offers, sales scheme or discounts, will be at the fingertips of the users. Using push notifications, you can have direct interaction with them. You can remind your customers about new products and services whenever you want.

Creates your Brand

A mobile app can help you in creating and establishing your brand. For this first you have to build a mobile app for customers which has all the features which your customers want. Hence whenever a customers wants to buy any product or service he will remember your business and your brand first. You just have to keep the features simple and easy to use in order to establish your brand with the help of a mobile app.

Increases your Accessibility

A mobile app will give you more exposure across many types of mobile devices hence you will become accessible to your customers anytime and anywhere. For e.g. Imagine you send a push notification for a discount offer on the users mobile phones which results in a visit from your potential customer to your mobile app and finally it leads to the purchase and this whole process is completed within few minutes. Hence a mobile app increases the accessibility of your business so that it can easily be used by many users.

Give your business a Competitive Advantage

These days having a mobile app for a business is almost essential. And if a small business like you offer the mobile app to your customers then they will be pleasantly surprised by your forward-thinking approach. Hence by a mobile app you will get a competitive advantage in your business. By your mobile app, you will start getting more business in comparison to your competitors.


As with the current trend, in coming years all of the services will be available and operable with the help of a mobile app. Having a mobile app for your small business gives you more chances to grow and become a established brand in the market. For this first you have to build a user friendly, easy to use, robust and well designed mobile app for your business. You should hire a professional mobile app development company for developing your mobile app.

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