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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Getting Remote Developers for Mobile App Development

Posted by Noman Cart on November 9 2017, 11:00am

Getting Remote Developers for Mobile App Development


Now 70% of the people in the world own mobile phones. Therefore mobile app development has become a norm for successful business. Whether you are a company, a product based organization, an online store or a service provider, getting an official mobile app is important. For that, you need to do two tasks. First is to hire the best mobile app development company or mobile app developers and second, choose the right platform for your mobile app. Now the question is whether to go for in-house mobile app developers or to go with remote hiring. Remote hiring has many advantages if you want to get your own mobile application developed.

For best Mobile Application Development you can collaborate with a skilled mobile app developer for your business over the internet from anywhere in the world using remote development technologies. Although the portfolio and costs involved are important it is also important to establish clear communication lines. Also for employing remote teams, awareness of the work culture should be known and app development strategies must be framed. To get great work done by remote developers, the responsibility lies in the business to convey exactly what they need. We are giving here some points you can employ while collaborating with the remote developers at the outsourced location.

  • Talk to the Remote Developers Directly

You should speak with the remote developers directly to make sure that the developers fully understand the requirements and your business objectives and so that they can put their best efforts to develop the mobile app. You should explain to them the various aspects of your projects including the challenges. You can also get their feedbacks and their point of view regarding the project and which kind of technologies they will be using to develop the project. Hence it is important that the developer is fully dedicated to your project to get the best results.

  • Assess the portfolio of the remote developer or company

You should Hire mobile developers after checking their portfolio. A good developer has excellent UI/UX skills. You should check their portfolio by keeping an eye on the beautiful looking apps with amazing user interfaces. About 60% of your mobile app is how a user interacts with it. Hence a perfect remote developer should have awesome looking mobile apps in his portfolio.

  • Have many Communication Channels open

Whenever there is a small or big decision is being taken with regard to your project, you should be also consulted either through a voice call or through video conferencing. If possible you can also make a personal visit to the client-side as personal interaction establishes more trust and the requirements are clearly communicated. Hence you should check that there are many communication channels open with the company so that you can interact with them as and when you want or they want.


  • Before approaching the remote developer, Keep the Complete project plan ready

Before reaching remote developers prepare a complete requirement document of the project and the mobile application. As in this way you can convey your vision with high level of clarity and the project can be started and completed without any issue and delays and there will be no diversion with the goals of the project.

  • Consider the whole package and not just the coding part

Building a successful mobile app is not just about coding. It is also about how to create a functional design and how to give best user experience. Hence you should select a full team rather just one independent developer as a team can better perform all the functions including designing, usability, testing etc.


Before hiring a remote mobile app developer, you should consider all of the above points. Whether the team is internal or external, your involvement, motivation, and support during the development process of the mobile app will ensure the success of the project. No doubt hiring a remote mobile app developer has many benefits but you will get these benefits only when you have prepared well in advance and conveyed your requirements fully to the remote development team.


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