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Guide to CakePHP: All you need to know about PHP application development

Posted by Noman Cart on November 16 2017, 10:40am

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Guide to CakePHP: All you need to know about PHP application development

PHP is a very powerful server-side scripting language which is preferred by so many web developers around the world. Most of the developers who are into PHP application development are looking for new ways to simplify the projects related to PHP and also to speedily complete the development process. CakePHP is one such revolution in the PHP application development. 

CakePHP has many benefits:

●It is open source and free of cost. 
●It is a current framework and the latest version of PHP which is definitely helpful for the developers.
●Less cost of development is also a positive factor of using this framework.
●As CakePHP holds the capability to let the developers develop dynamic web applications with an array of features, this framework is certainly helpful. 

As it has been around for quite a while only, every CakePHP developer needs to know about this programming language for PHP application development. Whether a developer is a novice, this guide will be helpful to everyone around:

How is CakePHP an efficient and effective programming language and what all are the benefits of using this?

Coding time is considerably reduced:

PHP application development becomes all the easier when CakePHP is used by programmers to create complex web applications without getting into the hassles and difficulties associated with lengthy coding and complex coding structures. One can easily escape this if CakePHP is used as a platform for PHP application development by the CakePHP developers. Code generation feature of this language can be used easily and the existing code can also be used for faster development of web applications.

MVC Architecture is Supported by CakePHP:

Web applications of any standard and any level can be developed using this programming language. It is a modern framework that behaves like other frameworks. MVC that is Model View Controller architecture, is supported by this language. This is a very powerful architecture which enables the users to develop websites on a very big scale. User Interface and business layer are kept separate. Insertion, updating and accessing of data can be done by accessing the database. A big project can be divided into parts to complete it within a given period of time.

Rapid Prototyping is Supported:

Using CakePHP in PHP application development, prototyping is very much supported which is a very important feature needed by the CakePHP developers to create prototypes of the websites that are being created by them. To save more and more time while building unique and large-scale web applications, the developers have to test the concept and the final product in advance by generating a prototype of the web application. So, this feature of CakePHP helps programmers to create prototype of the web application 

No Complex Configuration:

If the configuration has to be perfect, a lot of time is spent on doing this on behalf of the PHP developers. If they try to use CakePHP, they will find a major difference in the configuration process. Automatic configuration is the key here. CakePHP framework is intuitive. No XML or YAML configurations are required to start on with coding.

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