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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Latest Trends in PHP Development for Advanced Websites

Posted by Noman Cart on November 17 2017, 10:35am

Categories: #PHP Programming, #PHP Web Development, #PHP Application Development

Latest Trends in PHP Development for Advanced Websites

Web sites are becoming an integral part of people lives. From giving information to shopping and to net banking, there are websites for every purpose. The requirement for web development is increasing day by day, providing great scope for PHP developers to build websites which are great in all aspects. PHP has also improved a lot in past years. Enhancement in speed or the performance of website and upgradation of PHP libraries are the core aspects where PHP has improved. But there is a lot more to find out what’s more in the store of this most popular scripting language for websites and web applications.
With the below trends, PHP programming has become even more popular as it gets more features to develop more trendy, user-friendly and advanced websites and enterprise web applications. Now Let’s discuss these latest trends in PHP development.

  • IoT Integration into PHP

Technical experts from around the world are claiming that IoT (Internet of Things) will soon dominate our lives with more and more devices gaining internet connectivity to transmit data among each other. Due to its dynamic nature and speedy coding, PHP is suitable for IoT infrastructure solutions. PHP 7 is the first step towards asynchronous programming. That means that PHP code can now simultaneously run several tasks in the same script. By this way, the connected gadgets and devices can talk to each other. This technology is already implemented by many companies. Like the Watson IoT platform (IBM) allows the developers to build apps that use GPS data. A company, Temboo, generates code snippets in many programming languages including PHP for vendors to connect sensors to the cloud.

  • Virtual Reality

Due to the new trends in PHP development, PHP Developer has to keep himself updated about these trends so that he can develop an advanced and latest PHP site. Virtual Reality (VR) is one such trend which has become famous in the gaming industry and is soon looks to sweep the website development industry. Technology biggies like Google and Mozilla have already started their approach to APIs that can help in transitioning VR into the web. Hence sooner we will see many web application being built using VR technologies which will help us to see virtual reality in everything, from tours to virtual news coverage etc.

  • Enterprise applications for Startups and small businesses

The global spending on business software has reached several billion dollars. By 2025, 50% of US enterprise will run more than 10 applications. PHP programming language is most fit for enterprise applications although it may not be the best choice for fast-growing companies. When the enterprise gets bigger, it handles a large amount of data and has to compile the PHP written code with Java and C++. Still, PHP proves to be the best solution for tech startups. With PHP, you can quickly build a minimum running product to get your project start like what Facebook did which is based on PHP language. PHP is open source as has ready to use libraries and is less affected by web development trends. Also, PHP developer charges lower hourly rates which is good for small businesses. 

  • Static websites generators

Static website generators is a great advancement in PHP which allows the creation of websites from plain texts. Such websites are usually stored in form of files instead of the database and provides so many benefits like increased speed, ease of implementation, controlling traffic surge etc. With content delivery networks and APIs becoming dominant in the field of web development and making is simpler to deploy content and templates. Hence it looks like that static site generators will be a major trend in coming days.

We have just discussed the latest futuristic trends which are going to revolutionize the website development and with the latest PHP 7, developers will have more features in hand to build the out-of-box websites and web application solutions.

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