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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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UI trends to gain spotlight in the market in mobile app development

Posted by Noman Cart on November 7 2017, 10:24am

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“New trends are always up in the mobile application development industry. There are new and innovative techniques always being researched and created upon by the web designers. If you are thinking of getting an app designed, then hire mobile developers or designers who are completely acquainted with the latest mobile UI design trends of the app development market.”

There are always new trends in the market that keep coming and going obsolete. New innovations and creative endeavors on the part of the web app developers keep adding to the new designs which are more dynamic and more responsive than ever! 

Amazing layouts and stunning Interface designs are a part of mobile application development. As more and more apps are being launched every day and each app design trying to impress the audience to gain more conversions, every business owner out there is ready to hire mobile developers who are expert enough in their field.

Some of the features of a dynamic app are:

●Seamlessly interactive UI/UX designs.
●Unique functionalities and feature-rich applications.
●Secure apps.
●Updated with latest trends.

Talking about the e-commerce industry, customers prefer to buy online on the apps rather than old designed websites. This shows how important is it to own an app if you are a business.

Unbeatable and “WOW” experience to the user should be the end-goal of every mobile application development project:

Old but gold: Material design is evergreen!

In this type of UI trend, the Material design is used by the web designers to showcase their designing abilities in the most creative way. It is because it is based on the Google formats and is an advanced trend to follow in the app designing industry. Hire mobile developers who are well-versed in this old but outstanding way of designing mobile apps.

Dynamic use of Touch ID:

It is a known fact that earlier Touch ID was only used to unlock the devices. This feature gained so much popularity that today, almost every app has this touch ID feature just to enhance the interest of the users in the app. 

Self-descriptive motion designs:

Motion designing gives an immersive look to the app, this is because everyone loves to see something dynamic in the app. Motion gives uniqueness to any app. The explore button can be tapped and everything in the app can become self-descriptive.

Hidden Menu Bars save a lot of space in the app UI:

Hidden navigation is a mobile application development trend that is very famous because it saves the space on the screen. Along with that, it gives a chance to give more space to other features of the app on the already restricted space of the mobile screen. This feature was famous in the past also, but new designs are used over this feature which gives every app a unique look!

Diffused background technique and card design UI layout are two more very popular trends in the mobile application development. 

In a nutshell, dynamic UI trends are catching in the market because people love to see the real things in small model type patterns and want to get as close to reality as possible.

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