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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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What are the benefits of Mobile App Testing?

Posted by Noman Cart on November 2 2017, 12:16pm

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What are the benefits of Mobile App Testing?


The usage of smartphones is increasing at a very rapid rate and this has led to the high demand for mobile apps as well which the people use to do many of their days to day tasks from smartphones itself. Therefore the mobile application development industry is also growing at a rapid rate and mobile application developers are coming up with amazing mobile apps each new day which offers excellent user experience. People find it very convenient to do their tasks using mobile apps. Hence mobile apps have become very important for businesses if they want to reach maximum people and to grow their business.

The role of Mobile app developers has become very important now as everyone wants a quality mobile app. Now people are accessing the internet more through their mobile phones than from desktop computers and laptops because phones are easier to handle and convenient to carry. You can easily carry a smartphone when you are traveling by bus or train or wherever you are going and use it to access internet anytime. As the mobile app is becoming more popular the competition among mobile application development companies are also growing. Today everyone wants to use a quality mobile app hence you should know how to make your mobile app a winner on various parameters. 

There are various steps in the development process of mobile apps but mobile app testing is one of the most important steps. It helps in filtering the bugs and various issues with the mobile application which can create the mobile app to function poorly and can create a bad impression of it among the users. Now we will discuss the importance and benefits of mobile app testing. Why it is important to test your mobile app thoroughly before launching it in the market?

Benefits of Mobile App Testing

There are various steps in Mobile app Development process and you need to make sure that all steps are completed successfully. The successful mobile apps are built when a great idea is implemented brilliantly. It requires good designing and development skills as well. Apart from these things if you want to make your mobile app successful and very popular then it should also be tested thoroughly and there should also be a focus on the quality assurance aspect of your app. You should test its features and functionality so that you can be sure about how it actually works.

The simple concept behind mobile app testing is that you should find the issues with your app before your users find them. Hence by mobile app testing, you should be able to identify all the issues with it and fix them beforehand. Make sure all the features and functions of your mobile app are working fine. A good app is the one which is tested many times before it reaches the app store.
Now we will discuss various types of tests you need to carry on your mobile app before you release the app in the market.

Unit Tests

If you want to develop a mobile app that has good design and that performs effectively then you must conduct Unit Tests. These tests are done in the beginning when you are still writing the code for your app. It helps in creating an amazing design and makes you understand how your code will perform in different conditions. If your code doesn’t perform effectively under different conditions then you should make required changes to it. Hence it will help you in telling a lot of the code when you are still writing it and you can fix the problems in the initial stage of development itself.

Load Performance Testing

The mobile app development companies should also carry out the load performance tests if they want to offer a powerful app to the users. It helps in identifying how much load your app can handle. If your app fails to handle the amount of load that you expect it to then you can fix this problem well in advance.

Functional User Interaction Tests

If you want to know whether the functions like press, drag and drop, rotate, zoom and swipe etc are functioning properly or not then you should perform Functional User Interaction Tests and if you find any issue then you can make the necessary changes to the app.

Visual Tests

Visual Tests are done to find out the problems associated with the visual appeal of your mobile app.


For testing the mobile app you can either go for cloud-based mobile testing or you can use emulators and physical devices. In conclusion, we can say that if you want to make your mobile app a success and also want that the users don’t face any issues while using the app then you must test the app properly before you release it to the app store for the public to download and install.

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