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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Hiring ASP.NET Developers to Develop Powerful Applications

Posted by Noman Cart on December 21 2017, 11:37am

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Hiring ASP.NET Developers to Develop Powerful Applications


There are many technologies and platform available in the market but to develop some of the most powerful applications the knowledge of the ASP.NET is a must. Therefore so many companies are looking for experienced ASP.NET developers to develop their web applications. Some of the development projects require special web application skills and the project needs to be completed within a specified timeframe. Hence while looking for ASP.NET developers the companies should look for the key qualities within the candidates with adequate experience. First one is that the candidates must have good knowledge in the ASP.NET development process. 

Secondly, the developer should have knowledge and experience in .NET MVC Development which is a famous framework. Hence a professional who has several years of programming experience and vast knowledge regarding the Microsoft Technologies can be hired. There are many other additional qualities which the recruiters can look in a professional before hiring. Hence some of the primary qualities should be focused to find the desired professionals. Now we will discuss some of the key steps which the recruiters should take when they go for the ASP.NET web developers interviews:-

Select Expert Developers

The professional experience of each and every individual is different hence the interviewers should choose the candidate as per the specific requirements. To best fit the organization, some of the best developers can be shortlisted and check whether they are expert in E-commerce website development services. The recruiters should check that the knowledge of the candidate is perfectly fit for the type and domain of project they company has currently. Hence to hire ASP.NET developer appropriate steps should be taken by the experienced recruiters.

Technologies in which the Developer should be proficient

The .NET Developer should have strong ASP.NET, C# or VB.NET skills. C# and VB.NET are designed to work with the .NET framework. They should also have experience using customized .NET tools and client-side web development technologies. The right candidate should have had good knowledge of databases. Microsoft .NET is compatible with the majority of the databases still working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle is preferred for the .NET engineer. 

Knowledge of Customized Tools

The candidates should have an idea about some of the customized tools which they have to use to build the web application and they should be experts in handling some of the complicated ASP.NET tools. The tools provide extreme safety and security to the application software being deployed and also the testing of the web services becomes easy.

Should Have the Passion

The candidate should have the passion to work on ASP.NET technologies. Passion is a factor on which most of the companies can rely. The past web development activities of the candidates should also be checked by the recruiters in order to find the best candidate out of them.

Good Communication Skills

Other than the technical knowledge the developers should also have good communication skills so that they can interact easily with the clients and can regularly communicate the project status to the project managers.


The developers should have extreme energy and above all creativity which is needed to do web and other projects. The software or web applications developed by the developers should be attractive, out of the box and robust and should impress the clients.


To hire ASP.NET developers, the above points should be taken into account while selecting the right developer. In this way the recruiters will be able to hire the best among all candidates which will fulfill the expectations of the company as well as of the clients.

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