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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Why to Use CakePHP for Website Development?

Posted by Noman Cart on January 16 2018, 10:27am

Categories: #CakePHP Development, #Web Development Services

The process of designing and developing a website is not a simple job as it requires lots of skills, expertise, infrastructure, right choice of framework and above all experience in developing similar websites. The web development frameworks come in many types hence it requires intelligence and research to select the best platform. One platform which has recently become extremely popular is CakePHP framework. CakePHP is an open source framework which offers rapid application development for web developers. It enables the web development companies to develop robust websites by using simple processes. CakePHP has managed its top position among various other available web development platforms. CakePHP is a comprehensive platform, very useful and highly organized. Let’s discuss the reasons why to use CakePHP for web development.

CakePHP is easier to Code

Developers supports CakePHP Development as CakePHP is relatively easier to code as compares to other PHP frameworks. It comes with lots of guides and detailed documents which make the coding easier. Therefore web developers find it easier to develop web applications using this framework. CakePHP enables you to develop more with lesser code. Also old code can be reused and rewritten using CakePHP framework thus making the entire process of web development quite  smoother and faster.

CakePHP is an open Source Platform

One of the main reason for the success of CakePHP is that it is an open source web development platform. CakePHP can be obtained and used without spending any money. Also due to this, CakePHP developers can be hired at affordable rates.

CakePHP Features MVC Pattern

CakePHP follows MVC pattern which is considered suitable for coding. This pattern separates the business logic from the data presentation layer. Models connect the database with queries and save the data in the database. After this, the view bar displays the content in quite a presentable way and makes sure the proper processing of information before it reaches the database. Now a days most of the developers depend on this pattern or coding as it gives a more professional touch to the project.

Object Relational Mapping

In CakePHP, data is saved in the form of tables which are represented through the use of classes. Relationships can easily be defined between different tables through the use of these classes. Also validation definition and callbacks are also predefined in this setup. As CakePHP supports ORM techniques therefore it incorporates easily the features of Object Oriented Programming language.

CakePHP implements CRUD functionality

CakePHP offers CRUD functionality which implies Create, Read, Update and Delete. Hence when you design a website using CakePHP development framework then you will get the benefit of handling issues on CRUD principle. Almost all of the issues related to database can be solved with this principle. Using CakePHP, various entities can be created, read, updated or deleted making the proposition very easy.

Easy Database Administration

While you are using CakePHP for creating a website then database administration can be handled quite easily. For this you can take help of CakePHP development service which uses variety of WASTE features for administrating the database. Also better maintenance is assured by making use of data source functions along with additional performance driven features. Also the validation attribute is merged with the framework which helps in administering the data thus saving lots of time for the developers.

Allows the Re-usability of the Code

CakePHP framework allows the use of prewritten code into different projects which saves a lot of development time for the developers. With this help, developers can focus more on the logical and creative part of the project rather than writing repetitive code. Hence large quantities of projects can be picked and incorporated into the projects using CakePHP.


As we have just discussed you can develop robust and reliable web applications using CakePHP framework. It is open source, supports MVC and OOP concepts, supports reuse of code and itself is quite easy to code. These are the reasons why CakePHP is considered one of the best platform for web development even today.

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