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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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Top advantages Of using Swift For iOS Development

Posted by Noman Cart on June 28 2017, 12:39pm

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IOS app Development

IOS app Development


For iOS App Development, Swift and Objective-C were used since many years to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watches. Now there is a debate that which language is better for iOS App Development: Swift or Objective-C. Both are object oriented programming languages and Objective-C was known to be safe, faster and compiler optimized with high level of interactivity but there was no concrete reason for choosing one language from Swift or Objective C. But recently after lots of debates, Swift is declared as a winner as it has brought many benefits for iOS app development. Now we will be discussing how Swift is more beneficial than Objective-C for iOS app development.

Less coding is required in Swift

In Objective-C, some operations related to String and class division required more coding and iOS developer had to write repetitive statements whereas, in Swift, less coding is required due to the addition of new operators and functions. Also the possibility of App crashing reduced a lot due to type inferencing system.

Swift is Easy to read and write

The syntax of Swift language is clean and it is very easy to read and write as it looks like simple English. It is easy for Java, C#, C++ and Python programmers to read and adopt Swift. Also the removal of conventions like parenthesis or conditional statements, @ symbol and semicolons to end lines and nesting of method calls inside square braces have made Swift more expressive and cleaner when used in iOS Development.

Dynamic Library Support in Swift

After the release of iOS 8. Support for the dynamic library was started. Before iOS 8 only static libraries were used. This has become a major advantage for Swift as dynamic libraries are executable code which allows the Swift app to link the changes in an automatic way. Although dynamic libraries are embedded in the app during download still they are external to the executable code of the app which resulted in the reduction of app size as the external code is linked only at the time of language advancement.

Swift is fast and more secure

In iOS development, Swift is much faster and secure than Objective C. In objective C, null pointer exception can bring lots of errors which can take lots of programmers time while in Swift language, the optional value is clear as compiler will generate an error for bad code which ultimately helps the programmer to fix the code quickly which is time-saving. If there is a runtime crash, Swift will generate a trigger and stop at the line of code where the null variable is used.

Swift is Open Source

Swift language has been declared as open source which made it even more popular and now it is used for development on many platforms. Developers, open source communities from across the world constantly give feedback to improve and update Swift, therefore, Swift has improved a lot in recent years.

Swift is easy to maintain

In Objective-C, in order to create an app, it is required to maintain two code files to increase the build time and efficiency. This is not required in Swift with X-code and LLVM compiler. Swift minimizes the tasks which are repetitive in nature for iOS developer and provides programmers more time to focus on logic creation, code writing, and improvement.

With these benefits, clearly Swift emerged as a winner against Objective C. Recently Swift language was declared “Most Loved programming language” as it has many benefits over Objective-C, its competitor. With the huge success of Apple’s iOS and iPhone, the popularity of Swift language is bound to increase in the years to come and the developers who are programming in Swift will be in huge demand in coming years.

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