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Top Reasons for hiring Android Developers

Posted by Noman Cart on July 18 2017, 15:14pm

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Top Reasons for hiring Android Developers


More and more people in the world have started using smartphones to remain connected with each other and also to access the internet. Hence people have been downloading various kinds of mobile applications to meet their requirements of product and services. Android is an operating system for mobile devices and has huge demand which is even growing at fast pace. 
Right now Android has 85% market share in the mobile phone market of the world which is soon going to increase to 90%. If you have a business then you must go for Android development to give your business more chances to grow. There are millions of apps in the Google Play store which people use in their day to day lives.

Here we are discussing the reasons for hiring Android application developers for your app.

  • Android is Affordable

More and more companies are looking to hire Android developers as building an Android app is affordable. Developing Android app requires less cost and it offers high quality for businesses. The various tools to develop Android apps are either free or are available at lesser cost. Therefore Android is the most popular platform to develop mobile apps.

  • Android provides support for Game app development

Games are right now most popular apps on any mobile platform. Android provides many options for graphic design needs which are much better than that on other mobile app development platforms. Hence for building intuitive and attractive graphic design for Games, Android is the best choice. Android has inbuilt support for building 2D and 3D graphics which attract more traffic on the games app.

  • Android is Open Source 

Android is an open source platform which has no license fee and also well supported by the huge Android community. As the architecture of Android is open source hence you can interact with the Android community to resolve any of your query or issues you are facing or to know about the features of the latest version of Android OS. These are the reasons why Android platform is attractive to mobile manufacturers and why businesses hire Android developers to build their app.


  • Android is Safe and Secure

Android is based on Linux and is a safe and secure platform for developing mobile applications for various business requirements. Android provides smooth and hassle free environment. Also, businesses look for Android as it is a reliable mobile app development platform and don’t crash when users use Android app. Hence Android is the best platform to deliver secure and best quality apps and that's why Android app developers are in huge demand.

  • Android is easy to integrate

Several times there comes a requirement to integrate inner apps. For this the developers need a proper platform. Android provides an easy and effective inter-app integration by offering flexible tools. The developers choose the Android application platform to develop such apps as Android provides best platform for inter-app integration.

  • Android is most popular mobile OS

   Right now Android is the most popular OS and platform to develop mobile apps. Google is supporting well for the success of mobile app development on Android. Google provides Android Development Studio an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to build mobile apps based on Android. Also, more and more people are attracted towards Android due to its extensive list of features and benefits. Therefore Google plays store hosts millions of mobile apps for various purposes which people around the world download, install and use.


We have just discussed what are the reasons of popularity of Android as a mobile app development platform and why businesses are looking to hire Android app developers more and more. Due to Google’s support and contribution of the open source community Google popularity will increase even more in future also and it will become more and more innovative and attractive to all.

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