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Xicom | Software, Mobile Apps, Web Application Development

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ASP.NET Web Development Updates You Should Know

Posted by Noman Cart on February 9 2017, 16:54pm

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ASP.NET Web Development Updates You Should Know


Released by the tech giant Microsoft, ASP.NET is a highly popular programming platform. The .NET platform continues to dominate the IT industry ever since came into existence more than a decade ago. .NET can be termed as an all-in-one web development platform capable of creating multiple modules for desktops as well as mobile applications. .Net development is on a rise and the technology has witnessed a surge over the past few years.

Microsoft has mentioned many times that Web APIs will be the future of all the .NET application development in future. The global web sphere is fast headed towards a  simpler and lightweight service. This is well fulfilled with the help of the MVC model and Web API used in .NET. The platform does not typically require the heavy lifting anymore which was commonly associated with WCF. As quoted in the documentations released by Microsoft, jQuery could be carried out to display the results in the front end.

With Microsoft realizing that the focus of the software industry has moved to the client side, they have launched a hybrid DotNetNuke model. This model enables the ASP.NET developers to write the codes using various modern web techniques and keeping it compatible with the main modules.

If you are .NET developer or associated with the technology, you would very well know that Point Of Service (POS) was a weak link of the framework. However, Microsoft has taken relevant measures and with the later version of .NET 1.14, everything has been taken care of. With the integration of POS, developing applications has become less time consuming and simple.

The development team at Microsoft has released a new portable class library. This library enables the .NET developer to share the structures and codes across a wide number of platforms. Earlier, this was not possible directly as there were license restrictions which allowed PCL assemblies to run only on Windows operating systems. However, with the release of the portable class library, assemblies can be run on all operating systems. 

The SignalR is an innovative library used for adding real-time features to the web applications. This feature is proving its potential in the gaming applications where frequent server updates play an important role. With application developers preferring to run the apps on a single-page model, SignalR library comes as a boon.

Wrapping Up

Over the last few years, the ASP.NET has experienced remarkable levels of development. This has allowed the development framework to match up with the changing trends of the web world. Almost every day, we can see that the platform gets new updates, making it more reliable and robust than before.

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