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Google Launching New “Triangle App” to Control Data Usage by Apps in Android

Posted by Noman Cart on July 13 2017, 11:15am

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Google is launching new “Triangle App” to control data usage by different Apps in Android. Triangle app enables users to see their current data usage, block unwanted usage with the help of “Data Saver” option and check the prepaid balance. It allows users to manage mobile data on their smartphones. Google has not said anything about when it will launch Triangle app globally for everyone. Right now it has launched Triangle App in the only Philippines.

For a long time, data consumption by the apps has been a major concern for both the developers as well as the users. The smartphone users want the apps to not consume lots of their data. It was a major problem for the users which have limited data or expensive data. People were trying various ways in Mobile app development process but none work. Actually due to this problem, many app developers reduced app functionalities to prevent excessive data usage.

But now it seems there is a solution with the launch of Google Triangle app which allows the users to better control their data usage. It enables the users to view their data balance and check how much data is consumed by each app. Also, it will give users the right to block or restrict the apps using most of their mobile data. The smartphone users are able to customize their data usage as per the time or can even block them fully. Means they can choose between options like restrict for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or always. 

Good news for the developers - Can provide innovative features

Thus, Triangle app will minimize the data usage and provide the users with enough data to utilize that on any of their favorite apps. This will also help developers to give ultimate experience to the users as now they can provide more features and focus on creating innovative apps without worrying about the data consumption. You can hire mobile app developers to implement your new creative features in your already running app.

This is a fact that people in some parts of the world get meager amounts of data on prepaid plans, so Google is looking to make it easier by using Triangle app as it can block apps from using your mobile data and let you earn bonus data. 

Some of the features in Triangle app are only available to Globe and Smart prepaid users, but the basic features work with all mobile service providers. This is what Google says the Triangle app can do:-

  • See your current data usage
  • Use “Data Saver” to block unwanted data usage
  • Check your prepaid data balance (only available to only Globe and Smart prepaid users in Philippine)
  • Get extra data by using apps you have and love (only available to Globe and Smart prepaid users only)

How does “Triangle” work?

Google Triangle app has a “data saver” option which uses a VPN to block apps from using data. It tells you which app has been using how much of data so that you can control the data that can be used by the app. This feature is not new to Android smartphones as one can go to the data usage and see what app has been using data. But Triangle just allows you to stop the app from using any more data and makes it easy for you to track it all together.

Now this is a good time for both the smartphones users as well as the developers. As developers will provide more innovative features in apps and the users will use apps and save a lot on the data usage by using Google Triangle app.

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